June 24, 2022 News

Re-appointment of Paul Calandra as Minister of Long-Term Care

Statement from CEO Donna Duncan:

“Ontario’s long-term care homes welcome the re-appointment of Paul Calandra as Ontario’s Minister of Long-Term Care. We look forward to continuing to work together to address the escalating healthcare needs of our aging population.

There is an urgent need to find innovative solutions to increase the workforce for seniors’ care, especially as the population of Ontarians over 80 is set to double over the next 13 years. In long-term care alone, an estimated 58,600 more nurses and personal support workers will be needed by 2029.

Ontario’s long-term care sector is committed to working with Minister Calandra and the government to transform and stabilize the long-term care sector by addressing the key learnings of the devastating impacts of the pandemic. Shortfalls in the number of available spaces, appropriate financial supports to stabilize our sector and a lack of trained professionals able to meet the demands of our aging population and confront Ontario’s health human resources crisis all remain long-standing challenges. The recommendations in Caring for our future: Transforming Ontario’s long-term care system provide a roadmap for the next critical years of our work.

We look forward to working collaboratively to deliver on our shared commitment to Ontario’s long-term care system and the deserving individuals it serves.”