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We have three membership types, each with benefits including access to the latest Association invitations to events, research and publications, special awards and recognition, and various discounts available only to our members.

Become a Home Member

Benefits for long-term care home operators include:

  • Advocacy tools to engage local leaders and grow partnerships 
  • Data analytics for home-level informatics and benchmarking 
  • Educational opportunities for management and department heads

Become a Business Partner

Benefits for business partners include:

  • Reach key decision-makers in long-term care 
  • Strengthen market position through Association events and activities 
  • Build long-lasting alliances with other sector leaders 

Become an Affiliate Partner

Benefits for researchers, caregivers, and decision-makers include:

  • Build awareness and network across the long-term care community 
  • Disseminate research findings and promote events to a wider audience 
  • Tremendous exposure for research projects and proposals

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Other Home Member perks

Member-exclusive competitive insurance rates

Optional participation in the Association's Pension Plan

Comprehensive supplier directories for procurement and purchasing

Receive a complimentary membership to the Global Ageing Network

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