Champions support critical advocacy for long-term care

Our Sector Champion program aligns with key industry partners and enhances the Association’s advocacy work toward supporting and investing in Ontario’s long-term care homes.

2023 Sector Champions


Empowering movement within healthcare environments is essential to quality care. ARJO’s products and solutions to promote a safe and dignified experience through patient handling, medical beds, personal hygiene, disinfection, and the prevention of pressure injuries and venous thromboembolism.

With over 6,000 people worldwide and 60 years caring for patients, residents and healthcare professionals, they are committed to driving healthier outcomes for people facing mobility challenges.

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Plan A Powered By StaffStat

This is the only staffing strategy in Canada focused specifically on seniors’ care. It marries people and culture to innovation to help long-term care and retirement homes optimize their staffing.

Their mission is to ensure senior care organizations across Canada have access to a strategy that keeps their frontline employees supported and their residents safe and cared for.

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This cloud-based healthcare software provider leads the way in helping care providers connect, collaborate, and share data within their network.

Recently, PointClickCare acquired Collective Medical to provide diverse care teams across the care continuum real-time patient insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey, enabling better decision making and improved clinical outcomes at lower cost. Over 21,000 long-term and post-acute care providers and over 1,300 hospitals use PointClickCare and Collective Medical today.

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