July 21, 2022 News

Air conditioning

Statement from CEO Donna Duncan:

“Homes are working with the Ministry of Long-Term Care to do everything they can to put air conditioning in place. Global supply chain issues and an ongoing pandemic have made this a more complicated process for some homes than others. Many of the homes are older and have a lack of electrical capacity or other structural issues with their buildings, and supply chain issues are affecting everything from parts to contractors, including specialists such as electricians. Installation can be further delayed if a home goes into outbreak and contractors are unable to do work during that time.

OLTCA represents homes from all types of ownership (private, not-for-profit, and municipal). These challenges are affecting all types of homes equally.

During this time, homes are working hard to ensure the safety, comfort, and care of residents.

Every home has air-conditioned cooling rooms, and long-term care homes have a heat- related illness prevention plan, which includes ensuring every resident is assessed to ensure they are comfortable, well hydrated, and not suffering any ill effects from the weather. Temperatures are monitored throughout the homes daily and there are plans in place for when temperatures reach more than 26 degrees Celsius.”