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Roland’s mission to create 100 paintings at Perley Health

On a mission to create 100 paintings

Location: Perley Health, Ottawa

Roland Lalonde, a Veteran and Perley Health resident, is in his 100th year and on a mission to create 100 paintings.

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A Master of His Brush, Roland has been painting since the 1970’s, using oil on canvas until having to stop in 1982 due to illness. After a special trip with his son to Peggy’s Cove, he rediscovered his love of painting. He decided to continue with acrylic and cardboard, recreating landscapes and scenes from nature that hold meaning to his friends and family.

Upon moving into Perley Health in the fall of 2021, Roland discovered The Ozerdinc Grimes Family Therapeutic Recreation and Creative Arts Program and worked with the program team to continue to pursue his passion, using his computer and art supplies to paint in his room.

Since joining the Perley Health Community, Roland has finished more than 30 paintings and has donated all of these pieces to the Perley Health Foundation to raise money for Veteran Care.

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This story is adapted from the original story published by Perley Health.