Life in Long Term Care

Tam Por Por’s reflections of life at Yee Hong

Love for food connects residents with memories and culture

Location: Yee Hong Centre Scarborough McNicoll 

Tam Wai Ling, known as Tam Por Por to her friends, has never given up her passion for cooking.  

“Food is associated with our memories and where we come from,” she says. “It is very hard to cook, as the Chinese continent is filled with different dialects and cooking styles. But I will contribute what I can to help improve the residents’ experience. I am glad to have opportunity to share my knowledge on cooking here.” 

Tam Por Por’s journey with the Yee Hong Centre Scarborough McNicoll started decades ago as a volunteer. For 20 years, she delivered Meals on Wheels to seniors in the surrounding community and taught a cooking class for seniors on how to make traditional foods from their own childhoods.  

She became a resident of the McNicoll Centre in 2015 and continued to teach for several years. Now, her focus is on sharing her knowledge and passion through advisory roles at the long-term care home. As a Resident Council Member, Tam Por Por spent two terms speaking up for residents in all areas of care, services, and most importantly, food. 

“My family is the staff and other residents here. It is good to see staff of the same ethnicity and culture. To be cared for by someone you are comfortable to share your joy and pain with is a blessing,” she says. I appreciate my life here with activities like origami, crafts, karaoke, gardening, taking strolls in the area and programs about Chinese history.” 

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