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Perley Health celebrates ‘Century Club’

Honouring residents who are 100 years old and more

Location: Perley Health, Ottawa, ON

In June, Perley Health hosts its most anticipated event of the year – the annual Century Club celebration. In 2024, this giant birthday party celebrated 14 residents, including 9 veterans, all of whom are 100 years or older.

Watch CTV News coverage of the Century Club celebrations on June 5, 2024.


The event was hosted by Rachel Dobson, a Recreation Therapist, and saw the Perley Health community gather to reminisce and celebrate the extraordinary lives of these centenarians. The eldest resident honored was an impressive 105 years young.

Honorees and their special guests entered Lupton Hall via the Perley Purple carpet, where they received boutonnieres and homemade birthday cards. Hallway displays showcased the secrets to a long and fulfilling life, featuring words of wisdom such as, “stay true to oneself,” “good, clean living,” “persevere,” “enjoy the outdoors,” and “don’t waste a day.”

This year’s event held extra significance as it coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). It featured two guest speakers with close ties to Perley Health: retired Lieutenant-General Lloyd Campbell and retired Major-General Duff Sullivan, both RCAF Veterans and board members.

Speeches during the event expressed gratitude to the members of the “greatest generation” for helping to build the Canada known today. Each centenarian received a unique Century Club certificate. The room joined in singing “Happy Birthday,” followed by a musical journey through the decades performed by Judy Ginsberg, a musician at Perley Health.

Roland Lalonde, 101, is part of the club and a WWII veteran who was involved in the liberation of the Netherlands.

Watch his story

The Century Club was established by the Ozerdinc Grimes Family Therapeutic Recreation and Creative Arts Program in 2017 to recognize centenarians in a positive atmosphere. This year’s event was made possible with support from the Perley Health Foundation.

Perley Health’s Century Club celebration is a testament to the vibrant and meaningful lives that residents lead, showcasing the organization’s commitment to honoring and enriching the lives of its long-term care community.

Story shared with permissions from Perley Health. Read the original blog post here.