March 23, 2023 News

Ontario Government’s 2023 budget

Statement from CEO Donna Duncan:

“The Ontario Long Term Care Association welcomes the Ontario Government’s 2023 budget and its continued investments into long-term care homes to ensure stable and sustainable operations. We also thank the Government for their continued investments to increase hours of care and toward capital renewal to support the growing needs of Ontario’s aging population.

The OLTCA will continue to work with the Ontario Government to ensure long-term care homes can fully deploy all the investments going into homes and to achieve our shared commitments to increase hours of care, expand capacity, and rebuild older homes to support our residents. This is a pivotal time as we transition from COVID emergency response to stabilization of the sector moving forward.

To encourage this transition, we call for the creation of a technical working group to ensure policies support and unlock current long-term care investments and are flexible and responsive to residents’ needs; foster the availability of staff in communities across Ontario; support the unique operating pressures facing homes; and foster redevelopment. Long-term care homes remain committed to the accountability for every dollar spent while working to unlock the full value of the historic investments that government has made.

The Ontario Long Term Care Association and long-term care homes thank the Ontario Government for its commitment to build a modern, high-quality, and responsive long-term care system and will continue to work in partnership with them to bring this vision to fruition for Ontario’s seniors.”