November 25, 2022 News

The province’s latest capital announcement

Statement from CEO Donna Duncan:

“Ontario’s long-term care homes thank the Ontario government for their announcement today of additional funding for the construction of long-term care homes.

Recognizing that our seniors’ care system was not built for today’s challenges, nor the future needs of Ontarians, this government has made unprecedented investments into long-term care homes. In recent years, the Ontario government has made historic commitments to increase hours of direct care for residents, rebuild outdated homes, and to create new spaces to meet the growing population of seniors.

Like this government, our long-term care homes are committed to delivering on the commitment to redevelop our older spaces and create 30,000 new long-term care spaces. Today’s investment is crucial to making that happen. The economic and construction realties have changed significantly since 2020, when this program was launched. Homes are facing rising construction and labour costs and significantly higher interest rates to fund construction. This investment will clear the path for many projects.

The OLTCA, on behalf of its long-term care home members, will continue to work closely with government to continue to clear the path for this unprecedented capital renewal and expansion. We understand that some homes, especially those in rural communities, will continue to face challenges in their path to redevelop. The OLTCA and its members will continue to work with government to find unique solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of Ontario’s smaller, rural homes, which are a vital part of their communities.”