February 9, 2024 News

Bilateral healthcare funding agreement

Statement from CEO Donna Duncan

On the bilateral healthcare funding agreement between Ontario and the Government of Canada:

“We thank the Federal and Ontario Governments for the signed bilateral health care funding agreement to help relieve significant pressures felt across Ontario’s health system.

Expanding the health care workforce, increasing mental health supports for seniors, modernizing health data and digital tools, and expanding other parts of the system to reduce the pressure on emergency departments is good news for all health sectors, including long-term care.

Today’s announcement will help the entire health system, and long-term care as part of it, because a revitalized long-term care sector will lessen the demand on local emergency departments, hospitals, primary care and family caregivers.

Long-term care homes look forward to continuing to work with the Ontario Government on attracting and retaining much-needed staff, increasing hours of direct care, providing mental health supports, and expanding and modernizing homes in order to meet the growing needs of Ontario’s seniors and in support of the rest of the system.”

February 9, 2024