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peopleCare Annual Resident Camping Trip

The simple joy of reconnecting with nature

Location: peopleCare Tavistock

Residents from peopleCare embarked on a two-night camping retreat at Hidden Acres Mennonite Retreat Centre, nestled just outside of New Hamburg.

On this fully accessible camping trip, some campers eagerly dipped their feet in the pond or lake for the first time in over 20 years, reveling in the simple joy of reconnecting with nature. Others delighted in trying s’mores. It’s these small yet significant moments that make the annual camping trip immensely meaningful for all involved.

Although the camping trip started in just one peopleCare home, over the years, more of the organization’s homes joined in. Now, residents and staff from every peopleCare home have the opportunity to participate.

Watch as residents and staff from peopleCare create lifelong memories on their annual camping trip. Witness the joy, camaraderie, and transformative power of this special annual tradition.

Missed last year’s retreat? Watch the 2022 annual camping trip video here. 

Over the years, the benefits of this camping trip have exceeded expectations, with numerous positive outcomes for residents.

At Hidden Acres, residents stay in a fully wheelchair-accessible lodge complete with an elevator and two levels. The lodge’s beautiful porch overlooks a sandy beach, providing a picturesque backdrop for the camping adventure. Residents can enjoy activities such as horseshoe games, shuffleboard, and more tailored to their preferences.

Residents also are involved in the planning for the trip. Staff consult residents about the types of activities and experiences they’d like to try, ranging from campfires and fishing to card games. The team then gathers all the necessary supplies to ensure these activities become a reality.

One recurring theme each year is residents wanting staff members to fully participate in the activities alongside them. The staff aren’t only the organizers, and care providers. When they’re together at camp, everyone is a happy camper.