Health & Wellness Club at Tilbury Manor helps residents thrive

A recreation assistant leads the club, standing in front of a bunch of residents in a circular formationThe staff at Tilbury Manor are dedicated to delivering a variety of opportunities for residents’ social, recreational, spiritual and physical well-being, as well as providing opportunities for intellectual growth and aiding in cognitive stimulation. The "Health & Wellness Club" offered by the home does precisely this.

"The Health & Wellness Club has been going strong since its development in 2016," says Jan Menard, Programs Manager at Tilbury Manor. "Irrelevant to age, that familiar old adage, ‘we are never too old to learn’ certainly applies here! Opportunities for intellectual and cognitive stimulation can assist in a healthy body, mind and soul. Learning stimulates our brain and helps to keep us sharp and this has been observed during our activities."

Menard says the Health & Wellness Club can easily run an hour or more with anywhere from 10 to 20 residents in attendance. At each Health & Wellness Club, residents are encouraged to select future topics for discussion. Topics up for discussion at club meetings range quite a bit, and can cover anything from the health benefits of kindness, to cold and flu prevention, to spiritual health, to talking about the benefits of exercise and fresh air.

Residents read aloud from handouts during a club meetingResidents are often given (large-print) handouts to help them follow along. Although the recreation staff lead the group, residents also have the opportunity to take turns reading aloud, with encouraged discussion on the topic being presented. Reading aloud helps residents to sharpen their focus, and improves their vocabulary, listening and reading skills, all the while exercising their mind and body.

"I have witnessed firsthand the impact that this program has had on our residents," adds Menard. "Regardless of their varying degrees of cognition, the residents in this program love to read and to learn new things. It is truly remarkable to watch them thrive within the club."