Helen Henderson's Physiotherapist works to make seniors independent and capable

When Joel Winsor started helping seniors with rehabilitation, he found his labour of love.

A smiling younger man sits on an exercise ball outdoors“I love it,” says the friendly man from Helen Henderson Care Centre where he has worked as a physiotherapist for the past year. 

“When I went to physio school, I didn’t know you could work in long-term care (LTC). I did a placement and fell in love with it. This is my first posting. I’m sad to be leaving.”

A smiling younger man sits on an exercise ball outdoorsA popular member of the health care team, Joel is on a temporary contract that ends this September.

“It’s been awesome getting to know all of the residents,” explains the 26-year-old with a smile. “If I could stay, I would. I’m on a maternity leave coverage.”

Married with pets, Joel is valued member of the accredited long-term care home in Amherstview. He can often be seen talking and laughing with residents while improving their motor skills and function.

“I like to take the first few minutes and make a resident smile,” he says kindly. “My main goal for residents in long-term care is functional. You’re giving that person their independence back.”

When he’s not at the home, Joel can be found providing physiotherapy at a local clinic and prison.

“In long-term care, I still use a variety of rehabilitation skills. I love the diversity,” he explains.

Looking ahead to the next five years, Joel hopes to become a clinical instructor. He also sees an increasing need for rehabilitation due to a higher prevalence of obesity.

“My job will only continue to be needed,” he says. “Especially with the aging demographic.”

Looking thoughtful, he notes, “I don’t think I want to become a clinic owner yet. I like the work/life balance I have now. It gives me time to play a lot of sports and spend time with my friends, family and two dogs.” 

Asked to describe himself, Joel uses words such as personable and adaptable.

“I try to make a positive impact on someone’s individual day,” he replies with sincerity. “I like the whole idea that you can change someone’s life with physiotherapy.”

Speaking on behalf of Helen Henderson Care Centre, Assistant Director of Care Melissa Locke is quick to comment on the positive impact by Joel at the home.

“Joel is friendly, thoughtful, thorough, caring, approachable, gentle and professional,” the senior manager says with conviction. “He has also made a positive impact on staff and residents. He’s incredibly patient with families. Even if we only have Joel until this fall, we are grateful for every minute he spends with residents. He is a tremendous asset to our health care team.”

In photo: Joel Winsor

This story was originally published by Helen Henderson Care Centre and has been reposted with permission.