How Georgina Hines found new purpose after moving to Maple Villa

Georgina Hines was born February 27, 1927 in Toronto. Never knowing her biological family, she spent her childhood moving through a number of group and foster homes, struggling to find herself while being told she would never amount to anything. 

Georgina smiles with white funky glasses on and a pink boa around her neckThankfully, this all changed for her in adulthood and the feeling of hopelessness she used to feel as a young woman became a distant memory upon moving to Maple Villa Long Term Care in Burlington, Ontario.

“I used to work in a long-term care home in Gravenhurst years ago, doing housekeeping-type tasks,” said Georgina. “Little did I know that it would be long-term care that would end up changing my life.”

Shortly after Georgina retired, while still living in Gravenhurst, she met a special couple named Dotty and John who were from Burlington. The three became close friends and as they got older, they convinced Georgina to move to Burlington to be closer to them. Thanks to their love and support she was able to make the move and lived with them until moving into Maple Villa.

And she has kept busy since moving into the home in 2011. Georgina has been consistently attending the home’s programs and social outings, has been the President of Maple Villa’s Residents’ Council for two terms and was an enthusiastic participant in the home’s Lifelong Learning program. She even recently learned how to use a computer which allowed her to explore new music on YouTube and correspond with her friends through email.

“Everyone who is affiliated in any way with our home knows who Georgina is,” said Maria DaCosta, the home’s Life Enrichment Coordinator. “She’s made so many friends – not just residents but also families, staff and volunteers. Watching her transformation has been amazing. She’s gained so much confidence and trusts that we are here for her and that she is deeply cared for.”  

Georgina is also aware of her own transformation.
Georgina at the home's graduation, holding flowers and wearing a cap and gown

“Maple Villa has not only provided me with a new family and 
new friends, it has also given me a new purpose in life,” added Georgina. “Growing up I never felt like I belonged anywhere, or to anyone, but since moving here, my life has completely changed.”

s Resident Council President, Georgina was instrumental in advocating for new and improved social outings for residents, as well as implementing a regular schedule for YouTube educational and entertainment sessions. And in the Lifelong Learning program, where residents get to “go back to school,” she’s taken her education to the next level.

“Georgina shared with me that she wanted to participate in the Lifelong Learning program because she had limited education growing up,” explained Maria. “And being told at a young age that she wouldn’t amount to anything special, she was determined to prove to herself that she could do anything she wanted, and succeed at it.” 

And she certainly succeeded. Georgina has been a perfect student, completing all of her assignments on time and studying for hours on end to maintain her honour roll status year after year. She even received the home’s “Most Improved Student” award last year.

“Georgina’s motto this past year has been, ‘I might be a 92-year-old woman, but I have a lot of life left to live still,’” added Maria. “She truly did live her last years to the fullest extent and has been an inspiration to us all.”

We are deeply saddened to report that Georgina passed away on May 3, 2019 at the age of 92, after this story was written but before it had the chance to be published. The Association expresses its most sincere condolences to the Maple Villa family for the loss of this inspirational woman and dear friend to so many.