A message from our Chief Executive Officer, Candace Chartier

In the last few years, there has been increased funding for home and community care to help seniors to stay in their homes as long as possible, which is excellent. However, the result is that when seniors enter long-term care, they tend to have more health conditions, which have also progressed to a later stage. And the nature of caring for this group has changed. An increasing number of long-term care residents are living with multiple, chronic health conditions and dementia, as well as mental health conditions.

Over the years, the Ontario long-term care community has made tremendous inroads, delivering quality care despite having access to fewer resources. But we have reached a critical point where investment is required. Ontarians know this, and they want to see something done about it.

A Nanos Research survey completed in 2014 found that even in the face of provincial budget pressures, Ontarians have a sense of urgency about investing in our long-term care homes. Some key findings included:

  • 93% are concerned or somewhat concerned that staffing levels aren’t sufficient to properly care for medical and mental health needs of seniors

  • 92% are concerned or somewhat concerned about the physical condition of long term care homes

  • 91% are concerned or somewhat concerned about the availability of long term care beds to meet future needs

Armed with these results, the Association launched a public advocacy campaign, Better Seniors Care: It’s Time, which includes media tours in long-term care homes across the province and stresses the need for better supports, more staff and improved infrastructure. I encourage you to visit the website to learn more.

Our member homes are working hard every day to provide safe, high quality care and support to more than 70,000 residents and families in need. As the sector’s voice to government and politicians, we advocate on behalf of our member homes and the most important people of all – the residents living in long-term care homes across the province. 

Candace Chartier

Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Long Term Care Association