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Residents Welcoming Residents: Peer Support Opportunities

Ontario Association of Residents' Councils Presents Residents Welcoming Residents: Peer Support Opportunities to Enhance the Transition to Long-Term Care

Wednesday April 10, 2019
2:30-3:30 pm

Regardless of the circumstances that precipitates a move to LTC, this physical relocation is often accompanied by many strong feelings and emotions for residents and their loved ones. Residents experience a number of life changes, including real and perceived losses following the move. Residents’ Council members can play a significant role in supporting their peers through this time of transition. Join OARC Board Director, Devora Greenspon and OARC’s Education Facilitator, Melissa McVie, as they candidly discuss programs and strategies that residents can champion within the home to enhance the move-in experience, including the creation of a Welcoming Committee, and other initiatives.

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