Statement on Report of the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry

TORONTO, July 31, 2019 - Earlier today, The Honourable Justice Eileen Gillese released the final report of the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry, including a series of recommendations directed to the Ministry of Long-Term Care, the Office of the Chief Coroner, the College of Nurses, and the operators of long-term care homes. 

"The Ontario Long Term Care Association would like to thank Justice Gillese and her team for their two years of dedication to the work of this Inquiry," said Donna Duncan, CEO of the Association. "We would also like to acknowledge the fortitude of the families throughout this difficult time." 

"The Association will be carefully reviewing Commissioner Gillese's thorough and thoughtful report over the coming weeks and months, and looks forward to working with all of our long-term care sector partners, including the Ministry of Long-Term Care, to advance the Inquiry's recommendations," Duncan said. 

"Long-term care staff and operators are dedicated to providing safe and caring environments for the people who live in their homes," she added. "The Inquiry has been a difficult but important process that will further strengthen homes' ability to provide safe, caring, and high-quality care." 

For further information: Judy Irwin, Senior Manager, Communications, Ontario Long Term Care Association,