Response to Postmedia story on changes to the RQI program

June 30, 2016

I am writing in response to the article published in Postmedia on June 28, 2016, about the new inspection process that has been put in place for long-term care homes in Ontario. Unfortunately, the story was missing key information and mischaracterizes what’s happening.

The large majority of homes in Ontario are providing safe, high quality care to Ontario's seniors. In fact, Ontario has some of the toughest legislated standards in Canada. We’re pleased that recent inspections show that 84% of homes are meeting these tough standards. But that’s not good enough. We believe that every long-term care resident in Ontario should live in a safe, comfortable, caring environment with a high quality of care.

Despite what was reported on, it’s important to note that the new inspection process will ensure that every home in Ontario is inspected each year. Homes that don’t meet Ontario’s rigorous standards will continue to face tough penalties and receive more intensive inspections to ensure they are meeting the necessary standards. 

We support a robust inspection system that focuses on risk and ensures all long-term care homes across the province meet the highest standards for our seniors. 

Ontario’s seniors deserve the best care. Inspections are one way to ensure this, but not the only way. It is also important to ensure that every home has the resources needed to support a high level of care. That’s why we have been advocating for increased funding to provide better mental health supports in every long-term care home in Ontario. It’s also why we’ve been calling for funding to help modernize and rebuild Ontario’s older long-term care homes. Recent positive announcements by government are important steps forward. 

By working together with government, families and residents, we can continue to take important steps to ensure Ontario’s seniors receive better care.

Candace Chartier
Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Long Term Care Association