Son of OMNI Health Care's Woodland Villa resident says his dad received exceptional care

Mike Robillard says the care his father, Raymond, received while a resident at Woodland Villa for 19 months was “second to none.”

Mike contacted The OMNIway in December, asking us to publish a story about the high-quality care his dad received while a resident at the Long Sault, Ont. long-term care home. Mike commends the home’s staff for their resident- and family-focused approach to care as well as for the respect and love they showed his dad.

Raymond passed away in late November. Mike says after his dad passed away, he, his mother, Ruth, and sister, Gloria Richer, agreed that someone from the family would reach out to The OMNIway to tell the story of the positive experience Raymond and his family had at Woodland Villa.

“I want everyone to know how much I appreciate Woodland Villa and the people that work there,” Mike tells The OMNIway.

“We want to let people in this area know that Woodland Villa is a good place for your mother or father to live – it’s the closest thing you’re going to have to having them at home, and I want to make sure people know that.”

When Raymond was receiving palliative care, Mike says the Woodland Villa staff members were attentive to not only his dad’s needs but also the family’s needs. Nurses would continuously come into Raymond’s room to bring him water and to talk with him and the family. Anything Raymond or his family needed, staff members were there to provide, Mike says.

“The nurses would come in – and you could set your watch by them – they would come in every two to three hours to reposition Dad and to take care of him,” he says.

“They would come by, just to visit with us. They were there throughout each day. I stayed 24 hours a day for the last five days that Dad was in there. I got to meet all the staff, the doctors, and they would always be coming by to make sure Dad was OK and to see how we were doing. … It was like he was their dad.”

Mike says one of the strengths Woodland Villa brings to the table is experienced staff. Some members of the nursing team have been working at the home for more than 20 years.

“When you have people working there that long, it tells me two things: they like their work, plus they like the company they’re working for,” he says. “You have people there who want to be there, people who want to look after the residents, and to me that’s priceless.”

This story was published by Axiom News, originally on OMNI Health Care’s website, The OMNIway. Reposted with permission.