Vermont Square celebrates multiculturalism

In August 2017, to celebrate Multiculturalism Week, Vermont Square decided to host its very own cultural fashion show for residents, families and staff to enjoy. 

Three staff members stand behind three residents who are sitting, each wearing different types of fashionNot only was the event a way to promote diversity to residents, it was also a good way to celebrate the many people of different descent who live and work at Vermont Square, says programs manager Emily Viray.

“During Multiculturalism Week, our staff entertained the residents with a spectacular show, full of rich heritage,” she says. “The residents were able to watch the fashion show as well as listen to cultural music and enjoy food.”

Although it was mostly staff who participated, in an attempt to put on a show for residents, a few residents also took part in dressing up and showing off for their peers. 

A staff member walks down the runway with a resident from Africa, Ireland, Jamaica, India, Russia, Philippines, Poland, Tibet and Canada were showcased as music from the different regions played through the home. 

 The management team at the home took it upon themselves to plan an unforgettable event for all involved. 

“We really try to keep things inclusive, but also inventive,” says Viray. “The entire team here works very hard to find new approaches to recognize our diversity, in ways that helps residents and staff be proud of their heritages.”

In addition to the fashion show, the home has a printed map of the world on display with pins of where each staff member is from. Viray says the next step will be adding the residents’ pins on to the map.

“Whatever will bring joy to our residents, we will do!”

All the staff who participated in the fashion show pose in their outfits

In photos: Residents and staff show off their cultural fashions.