Tendercare residents get an evening to remember at a Blue Jays game

Earlier this spring, Tendercare Living Centre decided to do something extra special for a few of their residents, and gave four lucky residents the opportunity to attend a Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre.  

A woman sits smiling in her wheelchair, holding a Blue Jays flag, at the gameAlthough three of the four residents were admitted Blue Jay fans, one of the residents was not a big fan of baseball and had never watched a game live before. So it was no surprise that she wasn't overly interested in attending the game. However, she had only been on one outing since moving to Tendercare in late 2013 so the staff persisted and encouraged her to go. Low and behold, after a few innings she was cheering like a long-time fan, tracking the score and even cursing the foul balls!  

One of the other 
A man sits in a wheelchair and poses along side Blue Jays mascot Ace and a staff memberresidents who attended was a long-time fan of the Blue Jays. This resident doesn't venture out of his home often, so was especially excited for this trip. He sported his Blue Jays baseball cap and clutched his mini Blue Jays flag as he sat with such intrigue on his face, soaking in every moment of the game.

"We were lucky enough to catch a foul ball and even snap a photo with the mascot of the Jays - Ace!" said Safina Jivraj, Resident Program Manager at Tendercare Living Centre. "Plus, our tummies were filled with ballpark hot dogs, potato chips and chocolate chip cookies. The residents had a great time and it was definitely an evening to remember!"

In Photos: Two of the four lucky residents who attended the game.