Tendercare Living Centre receives Senior Care Canada excellence award

In 2016 Tendercare Living Centre received the Award for Excellence in Innovation with Technology from Senior Care Canada after implementing a new electronic signage system.

This technology, provided by InTouch Link, allows Tendercare to display its daily activities, menus, messages, advertisements and more, throughout the home. The messages are displayed and updated in real time, and are presented in both English and Chinese to ensure that residents and families are always are of what is happening in the home. 

Families can also log in from their own personal smartphones or devices to see what is happening in and around our home. Anyone who is given an access code would potentially be able to sign in and see what their loved one is having for dinner, what programs are happening and have access to a personal daily planner and calendar.

On top of this, the program has allowed for online learning for staff, all done from one portal.  

The award further validates how this specific technology is working to enhance the lives of the residents living in the home. 

Staff from Tendercare Living Centre stand in the main lobby of the home, holding up a plaque that shows they've won the award

In photo: Staff from Tendercare Living Centre showcase their Senior Care Canada Award for Excellence in Innovation and Technology