Streamway Villa's Music and Memory Program is having a positive impact on residents

When Streamway Villa resident Marion Carey puts on a pair of headphones and listens to Johnny Cash on an iPod, her face immediately lights up, her toes start tapping and she begins to sing along.

Marion is one of the success stories of Streamway Villa’s Music and Memory program. In today’s OMNIway video, Scott Tuttle, Marion’s son, says his mother has always enjoyed music and it has long been an important part of her life.

Now living at the Cobourg long-term care home, music continues to make a difference in Marion’s life.

“Music seems to just soothe her … right, mom?” Scott says.

“Yeah,” Marion chimes in, smiling.

Then life enrichment co-ordinator Christina Verleysen comes over with an iPod and puts the headphones on Marion, who immediately starts humming, smiling and singing along.

Music and Memory was started by Dan Cohen, an American social worker who found that when music was played through iPods for people living in long-term care homes, there was a remarkable improvement in their cognition.

In 2015, Christina completed the three-day Music and Memory course with her colleagues in the activities department. Since then, they have been using iPods to help enhance quality of life for residents with cognitive impairment.

See the results firsthand in the video below.


This story was originally published on OMNI Health Care’s website, The OMNIway. Reprinted with permission.