Southbridge Care Homes supports the community of Alexandria's restoration of The Grotto of Notre-Dame-de-Fatima

A man stands at a microphone in front of the large grottoThe Grotto of Notre-Dame-de-Fatima in Alexandria recently received much needed restorative work thanks to the effort of the local community in partnership with Southbridge Care Homes.  Originally built in 1954 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, the Grotto of Notre-Dame-de-Fatima honours those who fought in the two World Wars.  The Grotto sits on land owned by Southbridge Health Care LP which also owns The Palace-Alexandria Long Term Care Home and The Palace Retirement Home operating under the Southbridge Care Homes banner.  

Understanding the Grotto’s importance to the community, Southbridge Care Homes worked with the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee and the North Glengarry Council in order to allow access to the site for the restoration work to be completed and visitors to enjoy the refreshed Grotto in addition to contributing financially towards the project.A group of performers play instruments in front of the grotto

“We are proud to support the community to restore and enhance this important piece of Glengarry’s history,” commented Keith McIntosh, President & CEO of Southbridge Care Homes.  “We are pleased to offer our ongoing support of this project, ensuring that the community will be able to continue to enjoy access to the Grotto during the 2017 summer concert series, which will allow for additional funds to be raised to complete the restoration of the altar and its surroundings,” stated Keith McIntosh, President & CEO of Southbridge Care Homes. 

The Musical Summer Series is supported by the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee, North Glengarry Township and Southbridge Care Homes.