Southampton Care Centre residents raise funds and gifts for women’s shelter

Every June, Ontario celebrates seniors and recognizes the contributions they make to our communities. And this year, the residents of the Southampton Care Centre hosted a baby shower for the new Princess Charlotte and donated all gifts and money raised to the local women’s shelter.   

The residents at Southampton Care Centre have, throughout their lives, contributed to the communities they live in as members of the business and trade communities, as teachers and nurses, farmers, and war supporters. They have volunteered countless hours and have made significant differences in our towns and neighbourhoods.   

What many people may not realize is that they continue to be vital contributors to community efforts. Southampton Care Centre residents host regu
lar events and raise funds for charity organizations such as the Cancer Society, the Alzheimer’s Society, Heart & Stroke, and food banks. They also open their home as a meeting place to several social clubs, support and education groups, and provide an environment to assist Community Living and co-op student programs.

As part of the Resident Lead Events and Clubs (REC), the Paparazzi Club (members who follow royal family news), celebrated Kate and William’s new addition, Princess Charlotte. The event was resident Marion Mason’s idea and her family, staff, residents, and a number of volunteers contributed to the day. Although Princess Charlotte wasn't in attendance, there was pink cake, tiaras, and the tables were overflowing with donated gifts. 

“Of course a princess doesn’t need any presents, but there are many in our community that do,” says Marion Mason.