Responsive Group Inc. spreads connectivity to their residents, and guests!

Following the tremendous response to a complimentary resident and guest Wi-Fi network installed at Banwell Gardens Care Centre in December 2017, and featured at the opening of the Ontario Long Term Care Association's Together We Care 2018 Convention and Trade Show, Responsive Group Inc. was pleased to be able to announce that the Wi-Fi network is now available in all of its homes and communities. 

Aligning with their organizational values, the network has been named as the "PEOPLE_Network" and it can be accessed in all 32 Responsive locations.

This initiative was originally undertaken to free up the cost that many residents would have previously incurred, and to provide fast and ready access to the internet and a virtual world at their fingertips. 

Responsive Group Inc. believes this is a big step towards enhancing the lives of the many residents that they serve, along with their families, and guests in their homes. Consistent with their commitment to Making Every Moment Matterâ„¢, and their Vision statement, they are working together to create communities where people of all ages achieve all they can be.

This story was originally drafted by Responsive Group Inc. and has been reposted with permission.