Parkview Manor raising the bar on elder abuse education

Each long-term care home has a responsibility to provide quality education that their staff can relate to, understand, and apply in their role. The team at Parkview Manor Health Care Centre, a 34 bed long-term care home in midwestern Ontario, decided to create an educational program on elder abuse, tailored specifically for the long-term care sector. 

Parkview Manor partnered with Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, with funding from the Federal Government New Horizons for Seniors Program, to develop a training program that includes a video series and discussion guide.

The driving force behind creating these resources was to shine the light on the more subtle actions and inactions that can occur in long-term care that may be considered abuse and neglect. 

The team created and filmed several videos (1-3 minutes long) that demonstrate scenes which include elements of substandard care or inappropriate behavior, actions, or attitudes by staff. A discussion guide was developed to accompany the videos which prompts participants to talk about what they have seen, reflect critically about their own practice, and think of solutions while considering the home’s policies and procedures and government legislation.

By providing education tailored to the unique needs of the long-term care environment, and in a format that staff can relate to, Parkview Manor successfully heightened awareness around the issue of abuse and neglect - not just of what is or is not acceptable, but how to prevent it and what to do when a person witnesses or suspects substandard care.
The videos and discussion guide are available on the RNAO’s website.