OMNI managers demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to quality improvement during annual forum

OMNI Health Care’s annual forum was a chance to bring together managers from the long-term care provider’s 18 homes so they could demonstrate their knowledge of quality and continue to drive quality improvement forward, says the organization’s president and CEO Patrick McCarthy.

During the forum, which was held in Kingston May 17-19, managers from each home performed skits focused on quality indicators in long-term care homes. Some of the subjects included strong data, efficient care, communication and setting priorities.

“The goal of the forum was to emphasize the processes around quality in terms of improving the resident experience, which is the most important thing we do as a provider,” McCarthy says. “That being the goal, I think the forum was really successful because it emphasized and reiterated those goals and it exemplified them in the way that we pursue quality.”

Each of the skits were a demonstration of quality processes staff members are responsible for every day, McCarthy adds. The skits reflected knowledge and understanding of what quality is about and the importance of creating a team atmosphere in every home.

The skits were entertaining and creative. Some of the props used by managers to demonstrate quality in their skits included a puppet show, a talk show and a newscast. The success of the skits was due to the fact they demonstrated that people working at each home understood the importance of the quality indicators they were assigned to discuss, McCarthy says.

OMNI’s key goal each year since 2012 has been to focus on enhancing the quality experience of the more than 1,400 residents living in the organization’s long-term care homes and to improve outcomes.

Continuously engaging staff members in the importance of quality and quality improvement is helping OMNI achieve that goal, says McCarthy. He adds that no one person can create quality experiences and improve outcomes – there must be strong teamwork involved.

“We have found that speaking about the knowledge and the knowledge base that goes with quality is all well and good, but we need to make sure that the teamwork aspect is emphasized and the participation of front-line staff is emphasized,” he says. “The skits demonstrated in a fairly simple way the underlying concepts.”

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