Medieval Times visit takes Frost Manor residents out of their comfort zone, delivering positive results

Life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lyndsay Irwin was reading The OMNIway back in April when she spotted an article about how much Willows Estate residents enjoyed an outing to Medieval Times. So, she decided to organize a trip for Frost Manor residents to the renowned Toronto dinner theatre.

Lyndsay called the Willows and spoke with the life enrichment team about tips to make the outing successful, and the folks at the Willows, another OMNI Health Care home, “were more than helpful,” Lyndsay tells The OMNIway.

The residents “loved” the August 8 outing. Eight residents, along with staff members, made the trip to Medieval Times, and everyone “had so much fun,” Lyndsay says.

A group of residents and staff pose for a photo in front of the stables with crowns onA trip to Medieval Times encompasses a lively show based on medieval Spain, with knights in combat, horses, swordplay and more. There’s jousting, horsemanship and falconry plus a four-course, utensil-free meal served in a castle-like space.

Lyndsay says the show was realistic and the acting superb; in fact, the show was so convincing some residents did a double-take when the jousting began.

“The residents were a little nervous when (the actors) started jousting with the horses, but once they saw everything was fine they were OK with it,” Lyndsay chuckles. “They loved the show and they loved the tour around (the site) to look at all the statues of knights and memorabilia.”

Residents also got to see the horses that work with the actors, which Lyndsay says was “the highlight of the trip.”

Sharon, a Frost Manor resident, notes she has been to Medieval Times before and enjoys the experience.

“I always enjoy going to Medieval Times; I’ve been there two times now,” she says. “I loved seeing the ponies.”

Marion, another resident, says she enjoyed the medieval theme, adding, “it reminded me of the old country.”

Lyndsay says she recommends other long-term care homes consider taking residents to Medieval Times, adding the outing was “different” and “a little out of their comfort zone,” which proved to be positive aspects of the outing, she says.

“It was a ton of fun, and I think it is something we will do again,” she says.

This story was published by Axiom News, originally on OMNI Health Care's website. Reposted with permission.