Bag weaving at Kensington Gardens builds community, helps others

Kensington Gardens has a life-enhancement program called Eco Project: Mat Weaving. The home is using milk bags and incontinence product bags to weave mattresses and then sends them to third-world counties. This program enhances the quality of life of residents by providing them opportunities to do meaningful activities, as well as opportunities to give back to the community. The project also helps to reduce waste within the home and community.Residents at Kensington Gardens sit around a table and work on weaving a mattress from old milk bags

The eco project can be modified so different individuals with different abilities can participate; someone might stuff pillows with milk bags, cut incontinence product bags,  or weave the bags to a mattress. The hands-on activities with pulling and weaving also help to improve residents’ physical strength, and enhances their social and emotional well-being by providing a sense of purpose.

Kensington involved not only the residents, but also family members and staff, who are participating and contributing during their break times as well as donating milk bags from their homes. The project has created a sense of community  for residents, families and staff who see themselves as a team that gives to others.