Love doesn’t age: How two Humber Valley Terrace residents found love and happiness at their long-term care home

We’ve all heard the saying, “You’re never too old to begin again” – but for these two residents at Humber Valley Terrace, this idea of beginning again has a special meaning. 
Kristina and Allan sit together smiling. She is holding flowers and there are Valentine's balloons around them.
Kristina Curry moved in to Revera's Humber Valley Terrace in 2011. It would be four years later, in May of 2015, before her life would change forever.

From the moment that Allan David Douglas moved in to the home, Kristina knew there was something special about him. They quickly became friends and began spending hours upon hours together every single day. It wasn’t long before they knew they were in love.  

“I would get butterflies in my stomach whenever I saw him” said Kristina when asked how she knew she loved him.

This love story only gets sweeter. At the end of 2016 Kristina and Allan arranged for recreation staff to take them out shopping, where they picked out a beautiful engagement ring.

Humber Valley Terrace staff then decided to through the couple an engagement party to celebrate their beautiful and hopeful love story.

Although the couple has no immediate plans to officially get married, they are enjoying their engagement and the opportunity to spend their days together.