Steeves & Rozema's Heron Terrace nursing rehab team helping residents like Rosina Dawson maintain mobility

A major benefit Heron Terrace’s nursing rehabilitation program is bringing residents is the fact that team members can readily spot changes to people’s mobility and encourage them to join the program to regain their strength and maintain their quality of life, says nursing rehabilitation lead Nicole Coatsworth.

Such is the story of resident Rosina Dawson.

Rosina had been in the Windsor long-term care home’s nursing rehabilitation program two times already when she began her third stint on June 5.

Rosina had been walking independently with a walker, but staff members encouraged her to rejoin the program after she began experiencing pain and edema in her lower legs, resulting in her using a wheelchair for mobility.

Team members encouraged her to rejoin the program and she did. 3 nurses stand with resident Rosina, who holds her rehab certificate up smiling

“When she first started her programs, Rosina needed increased encouragement to participate, but once she started to see the results and staff encouraging her, she began participating daily,” Nicole tells S&R Today.

All residents in the nursing rehabilitation program set their own goals. Rosina’s goal was to once again ambulate using only her walker.

Working with Nicole as well as the physiotherapy and nursing teams, Rosina began rebuilding the strength she had lost.

Nicole and other team members worked with Rosina on several exercise routines, including sit-to-stand exercises, active range of motion, transfer training and ambulation.

Rosina graduated from the program in August and has maintained her mobility.

Rosina, who has lived at Heron Terrace since August 2013, is a quiet person, but once she gets into programming, she is laughing, joking and having fun, Nicole says.

Today, Rosina is able to walk to the dining room and to activities with the help of her walker and staff supervision.

Reflecting on Rosina’s three stints with the nursing rehabilitation program, Nicole underscores the value the program delivers residents in terms of helping them maintain their quality of life.

“Rosina has participated with the nursing rehab program a few times throughout the past couple years because of situations like this recent one, (and) I often go back to one of the first time she was placed in program and think if we did not get her ambulating, then what would her health be like today,” Nicole says.

“It’s always very nice to work with Rosina.”

In photo: Heron Terrace resident Rosina Dawson is seen here holding her nursing rehab certificate with the home’s nursing rehab team.

This story was published by Axiom News, originally on S&R's website. Reposted with permission.