Nursing rehab program gets Heron Terrace resident James Thompson on his feet after 9 months 

One year since moving into Steeves & Rozema's Heron Terrace, James Thompson is a new man, thanks to his commitment to improving his quality of life and to the support he has received from the Windsor long-term care home’s the physiotherapy team, the nursing rehabilitation team and front-line staff.

James began participating in the nursing rehab program on Feb. 7, 2017, shortly after moving into Heron Terrace. At the time, James was a high risk for falls and needed extensive assistance with all activities of daily living. He also required a sit-to-stand lift and was not able to safely ambulate without the help of staff members.

Since graduating from the nursing rehab program in November, James has moved about independently, using a rollator walker with supervision. He regularly leaves the home with his family members for visits and performs all activities of daily living on his own.

James Thompson is standing, with the help of a walker, with 3 women from his rehab teamSo how did James come so far in only nine months?

First, he worked with the physiotherapy and nursing rehabilitation teams on active range of motion and transfer training. He built a strong rapport with Nicole Coatsworth, Heron Terrace’s nursing rehabilitation lead, and he focused on his goal to ambulate independently.

“His daily PSW (personal support worker) Jessica Ford (and) caregivers were so supportive of James’s goals and gave him so much encouragement as well,” Nicole tells S&R Today.

“I also wanted to point out that consistency of staff assignment was so important with James also participating with the nursing rehab program because he had so much trust in his daily PSW, who was also encouraging him to focus on his goal.”

While James is encouraged to ring front-line staff members when he needs help, he seldom has to, Nicole notes.

James says he is pleased with the success he had in the nursing rehabilitation program, adding that all team members involved made a difference to him.

“They have done a lot of good for me,” he says.

In photo: James Thompson proudly stands alongside the Heron Terrace team members who helped him get back on his feet.

This story was published by Axiom News, originally on S&R's website. Reposted with permission.