Helen Henderson Care Centre earns praise for its quality of care

Helen Henderson Care Centre is earning praise from the community. 

A recent survey revealed 100 per cent of family members (who responded) are satisfied with the care provided to their loved ones at Helen Henderson Care Centre. This exceptionally high rating has sent a ripple of satisfaction through the home.

“We’re very pleased to hear the care and service provided to residents by staff meets the approval of families,” says Sue Reynolds, Director of Care.  “This survey proves we are meeting the expectations of families which is a remarkable accomplishment. Our staff is working hard to provide the best meals, programs and health care to residents. We’re delighted to hear our efforts are being noticed and appreciated.”

The survey was completed by family members and provides the home with valuable feedback on everything from cleanliness to quality of care.

Respondents indicated in the survey:

  • 97 per cent feel things get revolved when concerns are raised.
  • 97 per cent are pleased with the meals.
  • 77 per cent are happy with the activities and feel they meet their loved ones needs.
  • 83 per cent are satisfied with the cleanliness of the home.
  • 100 per cent of family respondents are content with administration and the management team.
  • 94 per cent are pleased with how well the staff listen to them.
  • 94 per cent would recommend the nursing facility to other homes.

The survey is part of an ongoing quality improvement process at the accredited home that is earning national attention for its innovative programs and quality health care.

“The Quality Improvement (QI) process plays an integral role for the residents, staff and management of Helen Henderson Care Centre,” explains Melissa Locke, Assistant Director of Care. “Being prepared and keeping current is crucial in our long-term care home. The QI process enables us to focus on continuously improving the quality-of-life, care and safety of the residents in our home. Having family and residents complete our satisfaction surveys, illustrates our strengths and challenges. It also tells us where improvements have been made and where to improve next.”

According to families:

  • nursing staff is kind and caring
  • gardens are well maintained
  • communication is a priority
  • meals are fresh and appealing
  • programs are excellent
  • managers respond quickly and efficiently
  • cleanliness is a priority

“This feedback from families is wonderful,” says Angela Gibson, Assistant Administrator. 
“It tells us we are doing something right. It also tells us what we could do better. We’re listening and we’ll continue to work to improve the quality of care in our home. Our goal is to be the best retirement and nursing home in the country. This proves we’re moving in the right direction.”