Man cave at Helen Henderson Care Centre delights residents and families alike

A new program at a long-term care home in Amherstview has a simple rule: Do what you love and love what you do.

Two women sit at a table with a photo of a moose behind them“The number of men are increasing, that’s why we opened the man cave,” says Alex Coyle, one of two Activity Aides at Helen Henderson Care Centre who designed and built a recreation and leisure room for men.

“We did a beer and sports afternoon about a month ago with the men and it was very successful,” says Stephanie Gannon, the second Activity Aide who was instrumental in bringing the idea to life.

“We wanted to do something similar in the home on a permanent basis to improve our male residents’ quality of life. We came up with a man cave which will offer regular programming once it’s finished.”

Centrally located in the home, the man cave is a new place for men to enjoy their favourite activities. Pictures of wildlife adorn the walls and comfortable chairs are located in all four corners of the room. Games, magazines, puzzles and model cars are within easy reach of the lounge chairs. 

“I am extremely excited about the man cave,” says Activation Director Donna Joudoin. “We talked about doing this for a while and it’s wonderful to see it actually happening. I am so proud of our new activity aides, Stephanie and Alex, who created this special place for men. Alex and Stephanie have been planning programs with ideas from our male residents. The programs will be a wonderful addition to our home during the week and evenings.”

Expected to officially open in early October, the man cave will eventually include a big screen TV and snacks. 

“There are no rules here,” Stephanie says with a smile.

In photo: Activity aides Alex Coyle and Stephanie Gannon, who designed and built the home's "man cave."

This story was originally published by Helen Henderson Care Centre. Reposted with permission.