Hampton Terrace staff create more home-like environment for residents in secure area

Earlier this year, Hampton Terrace's Programs Director Claire Collison had an idea. She wanted to make Lilac Lane (the home's secure lane) more interesting and inviting for residents.

Lilac Sunroom shows charis with a mural of old English countrysideUsing her DementiaAbilty training and experience, she brought these ideas to the home's responsive behavior team, who were enthusiastic about the plans. With the support of the home, the revitalization of Lilac Lane began.

Three murals were chosen for their colours, and calming effects.

The sun room was completed with an "Old English Garden" mural, the remaining walls were painted green, and white and green chairs were added to bring a calming nature effect to the room.

The activity room was divided into three sections. A "French Bistro" mural was added to one wall in the kitchen and the other was painted a bright red. This gave the space a look that was meaningful and interactive. Special items were added to give residents a meaningful experience, such as antiquated kitchen items for reminiscing, cutlery for sorting, dishes for stacking, and so on. 

Lilac kitchen is shown with a French Bistro muralIn the sitting area, a mural of an “Alley in Athens” was added to the back wall, it was framed with wooden trim to look like a view from a window. The area was painted a relaxing blue colour and brown barrel chairs and tables were added for seating. A Google home and sound bar were installed for a variety of music choices for residents. Montessori activities are set up on the tables to provide meaningful tasks for resident engagement, in an environment that is set up for success.

And lastly, the television area was painted in a relaxing blue colour and reorganized to provide a calming area for program viewing. Montessori kits and activities were added to this area as well, to provide meaningful tasks, activities and stimulation to our residents.Lilac activity room shows lovely alleyway in Athens mural

These changes have made a significant difference in how Hampton Terrace's residents live in their home. Residents continually comment how beautiful their view is. They love to sit and look and reminisce about the murals, for each one it reminds them of a different location in their past that made them happy. Even residents that are no longer able to verbalize their emotions seem to gravitate to the calming areas of the murals.

Overall, the revitalization of Lilac Lane has been a wonderful success that has benefited all of the residents in some way. The home wishes to thank all the staff who helped in this project, especially Nikola from maintenance, the housekeeping team, and the family members who were involved.

In photos: The sun room, kitchen and activity room in Lilac Lane after their revitalization.