Glen Hill Strathaven Postcard Pals program helps residents "travel" the globe

Glen Hill Strathaven is located in Bowmanville, Ontario and is home to 199 residents.

Recently, home staff decided it would be wonderful to find a way to expand the world for their residents.

"We know that residents won't be travelling the world or going to places far and away anymore," explains Glen Hill Strathaven's administrator, Michelle Stroud. "That part of their life has come to a close, however we just don't accept that, and we wanted to do something to change it!"

So the team created a Facebook page outlining the long-term care home and profiling a new Postcard Pals program.  

"We asked people to share our page with friends and family, in hopes that it would reach many different people and communities around the world," adds Stroud. "Our goal was to get many different people to send postcards, or even a letter, from wherever they were and tell us about their community." 

This program began in March 2018, and to date the home has received more than 1,000 postcards. Cards are coming in from around the world, including locations such as Buenos Aires, Argentina, Italy, Poland, Perouges, Lake Geneva, England, Stratford and Edinburgh, to name a few.

The home's residents meet monthly to review the cards, place a pin on a map to show where they were sent in from, and look at Google Earth to place them and marvel in the success of the program. 

"Our residents really love this program," says Stroud. "It shows them the power of social media, they learn and explore new places around the world, it helps them feel less lonely and, most importantly, it gives them a fun activity to look forward to each month."

The Postcard Pals program was recently featured on Global News. Check out the coverage here.