Gibson Family Health Care homes at forefront of quality improvements

A local family is celebrating advancements in its delivery of health care.

Gibson Family Health Care, the umbrella company of Helen Henderson Care Centre and Carveth Care Centre, has launched a formal approach to its health care called Person-Centred Care.

A respected model at Kingston General Hospital, Person-Centred Care is a philosophical approach to service development and service delivery that sees services provided in a way that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of people and those who care for them.

The approach is widely accepted in the industry as the best practice in assisted living and long-term care.

“We’ve always taken our residents’ opinions and preferences into consideration, but this model formalizes our residents’ input into every aspect of our business,” says Brett Gibson, Owner and Operator of Carveth Care Centre, an accredited retirement lodge and nursing home in Gananoque.

“We care deeply about our residents’ health and happiness and we’re pleased to adopt a person-centred approach to our work. We are listening to everything our residents say, from the meals they are served to how they live. This is their home and they decide how they live.”

Located in South East Ontario, the two homes are scheduled to launch this formalized approach in the fall of 2018.

“Gibson Family Health Care is making quality improvements that are gaining national attention,” says Angela Gibson, Assistant Administrator at Helen Henderson Care Centre. “This latest advancement is an exciting way to describe the care and approach we’ve been delivering since we opened the homes. At Carveth and Helen Henderson Care Centres, care is personalised, coordinated and enabling.”

According to senior managers, the accredited retirement lodges and long-term care homes are moving to complete electronic charting. This means health care professionals will have tablets at each nursing desk and portable tablets to allow movement throughout the home.

“Electronic charting will lead to improved quality of documentation and improved quality of care to residents,” says Melissa Locke, Assistant Director of Care at Helen Henderson Centre.

Another notable achievement is an attempt to be restraint free. According to Locke, new medical beds have helped reduce restraints through better beds and mattress systems. Staff is also implementing other measures to ensure resident safety.

A restraint-free environment represents the concept of person-centered care. Open communication, non-confrontational body language and active listening skills strengthen the resident-staff relationship.

“These advancements are just a few examples of the excellent health care we deliver on a daily basis,” explains Brett Gibson.

“At Gibson Family Health Care, people are treated with dignity, compassion and respect. Our advancements will continue to focus on the best quality-of-life for the people in our care. ”

This story was originally published by Gibson Family Health. Reposted with permission.