Cawthra Gardens hosts wedding to allow residents to see their son marry

A touching note of appreciation written to home staff by newlywed Raj Mohare's sister, Sharmila

The bridge and groom stand with their parents and close family My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mohare both reside at Cawthra Gardens Long Term Care. My mom, Mrs. Mohare is one of the first residents of Cawthra Gardens Long Term Care when it opened up. 

On Saturday, July 14, 2018, our family had a beautiful Hindu ceremony with close family and friends in attendance. This beautiful celebration of love and commitment was the wedding of my brother, Raj to Andrea. Andrea, who is Colombian and Spanish wanted to honour our parents by having her wedding to my brother at Cawthra Gardens. This speaks volumes of her and what she truly values in life and of family. When my dad found out that his son was getting married and that the wedding would be at Cawthra, he cried with tears of joy! 

Andrea is leaned over kissing the forehead of Mrs. Mohare, who is visibly emotionalOn this special day, both my parents were in attendance in the courtyard with close family and friends. They heard familiar mantras being chanted by our Hindu priest and traditional ceremonial rites being honoured as Raj and Andrea became partners in marriage. My parents heard and felt the love that Raj and Andrea had for each other as they exchanged personal and beautiful vows in Spanish. You could see the love and joy that was spread across both my parents faces.

As I looked around I saw tears of happiness on the faces of all our family and friends. Even though my parents are both compromised in their health, they felt the warmth of the day in the core of their hearts and knew their son was marrying a beautiful person inside and out.

After the ceremony, my parents felt loved by family and friends who they have not seen in a while. The wedding of Raj and Andrea brought many special people together but more importantly brought my parents a sense of peace and love. It was an incredible day! It was a celebration of the fusion of cultures and the love of two people in the courtyard of Cawthra GWedding attendees all get together to pose for a group photoardens Long Term Care where my parents call home! 

On behalf of my brother, me, and our family we would like to thank the staff of Cawthra Gardens who take good care of our parents on a daily basis. We are also appreciative and grateful for the help and support that they provided during the wedding ceremony. A special thank you goes to Daniel, who helped me plan and organize the layout of the courtyard and plan important details for this special day.

In photos: Raj and Andrea pose with their parents and family; Andrea shares a special moment with Mrs. Mohare; the rest of the family poses for a group photo.