Meet the Maintenance Manager at Carveth Care Centre who puts residents first

Tim Keyes doesn’t mind a hard day’s work.

Tall, strong and smart, the 41-year-old Gananoque native has enjoyed his job for the past 14 years as Maintenance Manager at Carveth Care Centre.

Tim Keyes smiles“It’s great. There’s always something different to do,” says Tim from the accredited retirement lodge and long-term care home on a cold afternoon in late December. “There is ongoing issues and daily priorities. HVAC, boilers, refrigeration; it’s never ending.”

Taking a short break to discuss his role, it doesn’t take long before Tim begins to shift uncomfortably in his chair. It is clear he doesn’t like to sit for long.

“I’m more of the hands-on type,” he admits sheepishly. 

Asked to describe a typical work-day, Tim explains patiently that it’s a matter of priorities.

“Health and safety is the top priority,” he says. “If it’s a matter pertaining to the safety of a resident such as a mechanical lift or bed, I’ll fix that first.”

As with most tradesman, the majority of Tim’s skills are self-taught. 

“Right now, for example, I have to put a lock on a med cart. I’ve been here 14 years and I’ve never had to do that before. I’ve learned so much on my own in here. It’s just a matter of tearing it apart and figuring it out.”

Asked about future goals, Tim is looking forward to overseeing a retrofit of the home that will widen washrooms, tub rooms and dining rooms. Still in the planning stage, the work will bring the home to an A-Standard rating.

“I’m looking forward to the retrofit,” he confirms. “We don’t know when it’s going to happen, but when it does, it’s going to be a major upgrade to the home. It will be beautiful when it’s done.”

Tim talks about the home like it’s an extension of his values and interests. He can often be found working extra hours to maintain the grounds, equipment and building. 

“This is somebody’s home,” he explains about his motivation to keep the home in excellent condition. “We always want it to look nice. Even the outside is important because it reflects on how we care for the inside. If the home is well maintained and clean, it will make a good first impression.”

The more Tim talks, the more evident it becomes he is personally invested in his work. He is seems as proud of the home as he is his two young sons who resemble him.

“My boys don’t like to inside the house. They love to work and sports,” he confirms.

Showing a picture of his five-year-old happily pushing a mop, Tim says with a smile full of pride and praise, “He’s a die-hard worker.”

Carveth is grateful for the time, talent, ingenuity and hard work of Tim Keyes.

In photo: Tim Keyes

This story was originally published by Carveth Care Centre. Reposted with permission.