How one woman is working to improve health and wellness for all at Carveth Care Centre

For many people, what goes on mentally leaves them physically exhausted.

Using her role as Health and Safety Coordinator at Carveth Care Centre, Marcie Gagnon has made it her mission to help the people around her.

Speaking in early 2018, the 44-year-old mother of two is passionate about supporting the health and wellness of the home’s residents and staff.

Her plan is to use the New Year as a springboard to unveil health and wellness strategies and tips for optimal physical, emotional and mental health. 

The information will be delivered through in-house programs, resources and by guests such as dieticians, personal trainers and motivational/inspirational speakers.Marcie sits in a chair at a desk with her arms folded on top of the desk, smiling

“I want to get people interested in health and safety,” says Marcie from the accredited retirement lodge and long-term care home in Gananoque. “I want them to care about it because it’s an important issue. Wellness isn’t just our body. It’s our mind and spirit.”

An employee of the home for almost 30 years, Marcie is a popular member of the Carveth family. She if often seen wearing a smile behind the reception desk at the front entrance. 

“I love my job,” she replies quickly when asked about her work. “I like interacting with the residents.”

Brett Gibson, the home’s owner and operator, appreciates Marcie’s caring attitude and focused effort to improve health and wellness.

“Over the past year, Marcie has really taken ownership and grown in the position of Health and Safety Coordinator,” he confirms. “Marcie will always be the face of the home because you instantly feel welcome when you walk in here and encounter her. She has really taken the initiative to promote a safe work environment and mental health awareness. Marcie is one of the nicest and most honest people I know. We are very fortunate to have her.”

As the home’s Health and Safety Coordinator, Marcie is responsible for promoting good health and ensuring residents and staff are protected from hazards and unsafe conditions; important work that will be reviewed in March during the nursing home’s accreditation process. 

“This work is a big piece of the accreditation process,” says the friendly Lyndhurst woman about the added value of her work. “It’s important to keep people healthy and safe.”

In photo: Marcie Gagnon

This story was originally published by Carveth Care Centre. Reposted with permission.