Carveth Care Centre creates new family memories through innovative programs for seniors

People may hear Shannon Buell’s words, but they feel her attitude.

Known for her constant smile, the Activity Director at Carveth Care Centre enjoys working with residents who fill her day with love and laughter.

“One of my best memories of working at Carveth Care Centre is the help I used to receive from a resident who lived here,” says Shannon, the loving mother of two young girls. 

Shannon and Jacob smiling“The resident called me the blond bombshell and loved to help around the home. He couldn’t remember the work, but he seemed to remember how it made him feel. I love coming to work and seeing residents smile. Their happiness brings me joy. It’s a pleasure to create programs that make new family memories.”

Leading a team of professionals in the Activation Department, Shannon works hard to offer fun and innovative programs and activities to residents at the accredited home. She finds personal satisfaction in bringing joy to others.

“I always tell families we want their loved one to be an active member of the community,” explains the friendly manager. “When people enter long-term care, they need to know they’re still important. Residents will be healthier and happier if they have roles and feel needed.” 

Speaking in early 2018, Shannon is clearly passionate about her work. Already this year, her department has launched a new program called Aquarium Therapy which features the calming effect of fish and water. Another new program at the home is Hats for Hospital which brings hats, crocheted by residents and staff, to cancer patients and babies in the NICU.

Because of Shannon and her team, the home is gaining national attention for its leading-edge activities.

“Shannon had the task of taking over the Activation Department from my mother which was a tall order for anyone,” says Brett Gibson, Administrator. “Not only did Shannon assume the role and responsibilities, she carried-on the passion and compassion required to run a very critical department which directly impacts the daily routine of our residents. Shannon does not have a time clock and will do whatever it takes to run a perfect activity. She always puts the residents’ needs and wants first which is a sign of a great manager.”

Grateful for the feedback, Shannon praises her hardworking and talented staff.

“I work with a great group of people,” notes the 39-year-old. “Each one is specialized in something which makes our team strong and complete. It’s just another part of my job that I love.”

In photo: Activity Director Shannon Buell (left) with Carveth Care Centre resident Jacob Schagen

This story was originally published by Carveth Care Centre. Reposted with permission.