New Sensory Pathway space enhances quality of life for residents with dementia 

BSO team lead Samantha and resident Lynda take part in a sensory activity, touching raised objects on the wallSienna’s Camilla Care Community in Mississauga recently decided to transform an office into a BSO (Behavioural Supports Ontario) activity and sensory room. Inspired by the Snoezelen concept, the BSO team set out to create their own “DIY version.” 

The team used materials from hardware and dollar stores, and created an environment that can be personalized for each resident’s needs, including a sensory board, music and therapeutic sounds, lighting options and essential oils. The project also brought the team closer together, as the environmental services, BSO, and nursing teams all contributed their ideas and efforts.

The new room also provides a private space for one-to-one interventions, as it is a quiet reprieve for residents and team members to share conversation, or a purposeful activity. When residents move into long-term care, they can lose a sense of purpose and independence. The room helps to provide them with meaningful activities where they can work at their own pace, in a quiet environment, helping to restore their sense of personhood. 

In photo: BSO Team Lead Assistant Samantha Paterson engages resident Lynda in a sensory activity.