Banwell Gardens raises the bar for other local long-term care homes with the Yuletide gift of Wi-Fi for their residents

Many individuals who reside in long-term care homes have their pension income paid directly to the home to cover their accommodation and care costs, and are then left with a comfort allowance of about $146 per month as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

In most homes, residents arrange their own internet and cable services. The average cost of internet alone is some $50 per month, taking a large portion of a resident’s comfort allowance.

Responsive Management Inc., who operates Banwell Gardens Care Centre in Tecumseh, made the decision to do something about this, and has now provided window-to-window wireless internet in the home.

By providing this service, they are not only freeing up the cost that residents would have previously incurred, but are also providing a virtual world at the resident’s fingertips. They will also be providing instructional tutorials for residents, beginning in January 2018.

"It is a big step towards greatly enhancing the quality of life for many residents," said Banwell resident Kim Kelly. "Hopefully other long-term care homes will follow suit in providing this type of service."

This story has been written by Mr. Kim Kelly, a resident at Banwell Gardens.